RCD regulations AS 3000



Recently there has been some changes to the RCD (Residual Current Device) laws.


AS3000:2007 clause states that additional protection by RCDs with a maximum rated
residual current of 30mA shall be provided for the final subcircuits supplying:
(a) one or more socket-outlets; and
(b) lighting points; and
(c) directly connected hand-held electrical equipment.

This means that any powerpoint installed up to 20A, single phase or three phase, or any new
lighting circuit must be protected by a RCD no matter what type of installation eg. domestic, commercial or industrial.


Downlight regulations AS/ 3000


Recently there has been changes to the way downlights are to be installed. These changes have been introduced
to minimize temperature rise and prevent the risk of fire. AS3000:2007 clause states that one of the following installation requirements must be used:

(a) The use of a luminaire specifically designed and certified by the manufacturer to permit-
   (i) contact with combustible material; or
   (ii) enclosure or covering by thermal insulation material, as appropriate to the location of the luminaire.
(b) Installation of the luminaire within a suitable fire-resistant enclosure.

If the use of specifically designed luminaire is not installed AS3000:2007 clause figure 4.7 states that for
halogen lamps there must be:
A - clearance of 200mm above the luminaire
B - side clearance of 200mm to structural member
C - clearance of 200mm to thermal insulation
D - clearance to supply transformer.

NJ Electrics Pty Ltd uses and recommends Gentech downlights to abide by these standards.


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